Ceramic Tile Floor Care and Maintenance

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May 17, 2017
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May 17, 2017

Ceramic Tile Floor Care and Maintenance

When it comes to floor cleaning, ceramic tile is one of the easiest surfaces to maintain. All you need are basic cleaning tools, a little common household cleaner, and water. The only way it could be easier would be if someone else did the cleaning for you!

EC&B recommends using an all-purpose cleaner, like Mr. Clean, Domestos, or Lysol, for example. Be advised, though, that cleaners containing acids or ammonia should not be used on some surfaces. Another consideration when choosing a tile-cleaning product is that the cleaner should also be compatible with grout. Of course, it is always best to check your flooring manufacturer’s recommendations.

For light cleaning of ceramic tile, follow these typical steps:

  • Remove loose dirt with a vacuum cleaner or a broom;
  • Mix a small amount of cleaner* with warm water;
  • Clean up spills immediately;
  • Place dirt-catching mats at every room entrance;
  • Routinely sweep and mop;
  • Using a cotton mop, sponge, or other soft apparatus, clean the floor;
  • Thoroughly rinse** with clean water, and allow to dry;

* Note: follow the cleaner manufacturer’s instructions for the proper ratio of cleaner to water.

** Note: rinsing is very important, since dried detergent not only dulls the finish, but can trap abrasive dirt particles. Also, if your tile has a polished finish, you should dry it with a soft towel to prevent water spots.

For heavy cleaning of ceramic tile, follow these typical steps:

  • For heavily soiled floors, let the cleaning mixture soak into the dirt for 5-10 minutes before mopping or scrubbing.
  • Clean small areas at a time and do not let the cleaning solution dry on the tile.
  • Be sure to rinse the area thoroughly before cleaning another.
  • More difficult dirt and stains may require scrubbing with a nylon pad or brush.

To reduce the likelihood of stains and heavy soil buildup, follow these simple steps:

Using the suggestions above and by following your flooring the EC&B recommendations, you’ll keep that shine on your new tile…for a good, long while.

This is how we at EC&B contribute to “Creating Impressions everyday…” in your homes and workplaces.

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